Maritime Shadiness

An Original Universe Site


Welcome to Maritime Shadiness, a site for my original characters and the universe they exist in. The theming and general vibe of the site is inspired by the painting Ship In A Storm by Ivan Aivazovsky.

This site is very much a WIP! Please don't be too surprised if you stumble across broken links.

Feel free to post questions/comments on my guestbook!

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Trigger Warnings

This site will cover some dark themes such as suicide, illness, depression, addiction, transphobia, and more. Please proceed with caution!

The Creator

Hello, you can call me Ansehelm! I'm a disabled queer from the midwest. This is a passion project created by myself with small additions from friends!

To-Do List

  • Set up sitemap
  • Set up guestbook
  • Set up Characters page(s) (9/9)
  • Set up Geography page
  • Set up Religion page
  • Set up Magic page
  • Set up Research page(s)
  • Work on Character art